After Hour Film Festival is a bi-annual film festival. Found by a group of film lovers, spread in the USA, India and Latin America, After Hour Film Festival understands the tremendous power of visual storytelling. It is a festival  where cinema is celebrated and every component of film-making is given equal importance. 

Why should you submit to After Hour Film Festival?

Other than timely and absolutely transparent communication we also provide the following:

1. Cash Prizes for the best film/video & screenplay of the season;
2. Interviews in our newsletter and website;
3. Promotion of the films in every possible way;
4. Free reviews in our blog/website/social channels/newsletter;
5. Private screening in presence of eminent personalities from film/drama fraternity;
6. Certificate of Selection is provided to every selected entry.

We recognize your talent and provide you with a platform to showcase it in better than the best possible manner. Do you have a story to share? Share it with us. We are here.